The wine cellar

It’s like Ali Baba’s cave! Some of the bottles in the Auberge de l’Onde might not be labelled, but Jérôme Aké Béda can name them all. He unearths the best wines from Switzerland and abroad to offer them to clients seeking rare delights.

A recognised ambassador of Chasselas wines, the house sommelier has many a surprise to reveal through the subtlety and secrets of the great Swiss grape variety.

His love of wine has no borders, and his selection will sweep you away to vineyards throughout the world.

“Wine is the song of the earth for the sky and golden gorges”

A Label for Swiss Wines in Gastronomy

The Swiss Wine Gourmet label is a token of recognition for efforts to promote Swiss wines in the restaurant industry. Restaurants that have a good to excellent selection of Swiss wine receive the Swiss Wine Gourmet label. Depending on the selection, one, two or three glasses are awarded.

Excellent selection of Swiss Wine
More than 75% Swiss wines or at least 30 Swiss wines on the wine list