The Inn

Today's cuisine, yesterday's setting

A table dedicated to local produce

"At the Auberge de l'Onde, we dine! But that's not all! The inn is also the village's "pinte", where you can enjoy a glass of Chasselas or any other beverage, depending on the time of day. In fine weather, you can enjoy a glass of Chasselas or any other beverage, depending on the time of day: on the terrace, which enlivens the heart of the village, or at a table in one of the entrance halls, each dedicated to a personality who has left their mark on the place. The large room on the second floor is exclusively devoted to meals, in a more refined setting, with its fireplace and grill as the centerpiece - the only one of its kind in the region!

The beautiful Waldensian mansion offers two atmospheres: the Café and Brasserie on the first floor, and the Rôtisserie on the second floor. Whether you choose one or the other, Chef Alexandre Noireaux and his small brigade offer the same menu, updated seasonally. Gourmets can also look forward to a weekly slate of "must-haves" and fine cuts of meat prepared on the grill.

His bistronomic cuisine is both authentic and inventive, and is accompanied by the finest wines from the region and beyond, earning him 15 points in Gault&Millau.

La Rôtisserie

Situated under the old beams, the large room on the second floor owes its name Rôtisserie to its imposing rack-and-pinion fireplace dating from 1750, a true jewel of the house. Here, local meats and poultry are grilled using traditional methods, giving them an unmistakable aroma. Guests are treated to a true spectacle of "Live Cooking".

Le Salon Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin, who lived in Corsier-sur-Vevey from 1953 until his death in 1977 at his Manoir de Ban, 5 km from Saint-Saphorin, was a regular at the Auberge de l'Onde, and particularly at this salon, which he frequented on Sundays, accompanied by his large family. This is also mentioned in Chaplin's World, the museum retracing the life and work of the illustrious artist, which has taken up residence in his former home.

The Marcel Imsand Salon

Landscapes and portraits by Vaud photographer Marcel Imsand adorn the walls of this small salon with its ancient fireplace, providing guests with a contemplative break. Here, you can immerse yourself in the environment surrounding the Auberge de l'onde through images that highlight the work of the vineyard and its craftsmen.

"We like to develop new recipes according to the season, sublimating regional products while adding a Mediterranean touch."

Alexandre Noireaux
Head chef, Auberge de l'Onde

La Pinte à Gilles

Famous under his stage name, Gilles, author, composer and performer of plays, songs and poems, Vaudois Jean Villard returned to live in his beloved Pays de Vaud for the last twenty years of his life. To be precise, in Saint-Saphorin, from 1962 to 1982. A neighbor of the inn, he had his own table at the Café, where he would come to enjoy his "three décis de Saint-Saph'", of course! His memory lives on in the portrait of him on one of the walls, by the talented pencil of Vaud artist Géa Augsbourg.

Le Kavo

Located in the basement of the building, the so-called "Kavo" has more of a lounge-bar feel, with red armchairs and coffee tables dotted around the generously-sized room, which can accommodate up to 65 people standing. The bar, fireplace and... grand piano promise a warm and lively evening! A screen and beamer are also available for both festive and studious presentations.

The Auberge de l'Onde welcomes birthdays, weddings and company outings, and also offers themed events.

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La Terrasse

On either side of the cobbled lane running through the village, the terrace backs onto the walls of the inn and the Gothic church, founded in 590 and rebuilt in 1520. Here, you can drink, eat and have a good time, while enjoying the almost Mediterranean atmosphere of the old village, voted one of the most beautiful in French-speaking Switzerland.

A little history

It's a village inn, but what an inn, and from what a village! In the heart of the famous Lavaux vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the medieval village of Saint-Saphorin, nestled in a winegrower's house dating from 1750, the Auberge de l'Onde is full of the vibrations of its rich history and tradition.

Recently restored to its former glory by a passionate patron, it has regained all the charm that in the last century made it a meeting place for artists. Charlie Chaplin frequently came here to dine with his family, while the Vaud poet and chansonnier Jean Villard Gilles, well known to Parisians, was a good neighbor. Painter Lélo Fiaux, writers Charles-Albert Cingria, Paul Budry and many others met at l'Onde and enjoyed Lavaux wines.