Modern cuisine in a historical setting

Showcasing regional ingredients

“A l’Auberge de l’Onde, l’On dîne” as the saying goes! But dinner is just the beginning. This inn is also the local pub, where you might sip a glass of Chasselas or anything else, depending on the time of day. The terrace brings the village to life in the summer, while each of the reception rooms is named after a personality who left their mark here. The more refined, spacious upstairs area is exclusively devoted to dining, with a centrepiece like no other in the region: a massive fireplace used as a grill!

This beautiful Vaud residence offers two different atmospheres, with the ground-floor Café and Brasserie contrasting with the upstairs Rotisserie. Wherever you choose to dine, the same menu is offered, updated by Chef Alexandre Noireaux and his small team each season. Gourmets will also enjoy the week’s blackboard specials, featuring “classics” and quality grilled meats.

Both authentic and inventive, the bistronomic selection is enhanced by the best wines from the region and beyond. Gault&Millaut rates it a 15/20.

The Rotisserie

Nested under the old beams, the vast upper floor owes its name to the focal point of the house: the massive fireplace dating from 1750, equipped with rotisserie trammel hooks. Meats and poultry are prepared the old-fashioned way for incomparably smoky flavour. A true “Live Cooking” show for guests!

Salon Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin lived at Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey – just three miles from Saint-Saphorin – from 1953 until his death in 1977. He was a regular at the Auberge de l’Onde, bringing his large family to dine in this room on Sundays. In fact, the restaurant is mentioned at Chaplin’s World, the museum located within his former home that traces the famous actor’s life and work.

Salon Marcel Imsand

The landscapes and portraits of the Vaud-based photographer Marcel Imsand adorn the walls of this small room, where guests can stare into the flames in an old-fashioned fireplace. The images reflect the surroundings of the Auberge de l’Onde, highlighting wine-growing and its craftsmen.

“We take pleasure in creating new seasonal recipes that bring out the best in regional products while adding a Mediterranean twist”

Alexandre Noireaux
Head chef at the Auberge de l’Onde

La Pinte à Gilles

The artist who came to be known as Gilles was an author, composer and performer of plays, songs and poems. The Vaud native Jean Villard returned to his beloved homeland in the last 20 years of his life and lived in Saint-Saphorin from 1962 to1982. A neighbour of the inn, he had his designated table in the Café, where he enjoyed his usual “trois décis de Saint-Saph’” – about half a pint of the local wine! His presence lingers in the form of a portrait on the wall sketched by the talented Vaud-based artist Géa Augsbourg.

The Caveau

Located in the basement, the affectionately named “Caveau” looks more like a lounge bar with its red armchairs and low tables scattered throughout the vast space, offering standing room for up to 65 people. The bar, fireplace and grand piano promise convivial, festive evenings! A projector and screen are also available, may it be for a celebratory or more serious presentation.
The Auberge de l’Onde is delighted to welcome birthdays, weddings and business gatherings, or even themed events.

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La Terrasse

On either side of the cobbled lane that crosses the village, the terrace borders the walls of the inn and the Gothic church, which was founded in 590 and overhauled in 1520. The nearly Mediterranean atmosphere of this old village – listed as one of the most beautiful in French-speaking Switzerland – adds to the gourmet experience.

Sundays at the Auberge de l’Onde

Whether you consider Sunday the Lord’s Day or simply a great time for a family lunch and a stroll, the Auberge de l’Onde takes orders from 11:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for your leisurely enjoyment. The usual menu is on offer, not to be confused with traditional brunch… So enjoy rambling through the magnificent Lavaux vineyards and discover the picturesque village of Saint-Saphorin, before or after lunch.

The chef of the Auberge de l’Onde, Alexandre Noireaux, brings out the best in seasonal local ingredients.

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Historical background

This is a village inn… But what a village, and what an inn! Standing among the famous Lavaux vineyards – a UNESCO World Heritage site – in a wine-grower’s house dating back to 1750 in the heart of the medieval village of Saint-Saphorin, the Auberge de l’Onde is steeped in living history and tradition.

Recently restored to its former glory thanks to the dedication of a passionate benefactor, it once again exposes all the charm that made it into a gathering place for artists last century. Charlie Chaplin often brought his family here to dine, while the peerless poet and singer Jean Villard Gilles – born in Vaud and but well known in Paris – was a loyal neighbour who had his table here. The painter Lélo Fiaux, writers Charles-Albert Cingria and Paul Budry, and many other artistic figures often met up at the Auberge de l’Onde to sip a glass of Lavaux wine.